Un bel hommage à Rochers Caraïbes

Rochers Caraibes…It is 2 a.m. The rain is intense, a downpour without thunder or lightning, doing a wild dance on the rooftop. It comes without warning and then stops suddenly, as if an enormous water spigot has been turned on and off in the sky. A cool breeze slips through the open shutters. In the morning I lift a door/wall of the house and enjoy the outside from the kitchen table. Lizards scamper across the porch and slip into the bougainvilea blossoms — a flick of a green tail and gone. It’s birdwatching made easy — we fill the hummingbird and the sugar bird (bananaquit) feeders every day and sit with a cup of tea and wait. There are places to go, things to do and see — but it’s tempting to do nothing.

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