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Pointe-Noire in Guadeloupe

Pointe Noire, land of tradition

Pointe Noire, is a small, quiet town on the west coast of the island of Guadeloupe: The coast under the wind. Leaning against the western slope of the volcanic massif of Basse Terre, it is bathed by the calm waters of the Caribbean Sea.
Pointe Noire is ideally located, being 2 km from the “Traversée” road.
This road runs from east to west of Basse Terre, passing through the Col des Mamelles and through the national park (educational walks in tropical surroundings). It allows you to easily return to Grande Terre.
Pointe Noire is a land of tradition that still cultivates a sense of autonomy and the rural life of yesteryear.

Once the center of coffee, cocoa and vanilla production, it is now turning to ecotourism and vacation rentals in Guadeloupe.
To this day, you can still find some coffee, cocoa and above all vanilla plantations in Pointe Noire.
The tropical vegetation of Pointe Noire is simply magnificent, lush and unspoiled.
You will be well received in Pointe Noire, the Pointenoirais are welcoming, authentic and warm.

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