Ecolodge and ecotourism in Guadeloupe

Rochers Caraïbes, eco-village in Guadeloupe

Tourism is a source of economic development of a region or country, but it is often a source of degradation and pollution.
It is therefore important to promote tourism that respects the local natural and cultural heritage, unfortunately weakened.
Nowadays more and more small Guadeloupean infrastructure (activities, lodging ) bend and turn to ecotourism and sustainable development. Ecotourism policy at our level is primarily to educate travelers to respect the environment around them , to conserve natural resources (water, electricity).

We offer them to discover the richness of the seabed, the biodiversity of the rainforest, and respect .
We encourage interaction with the local population , and the discovery of their culture.
We commit ourselves to guide travelers to “green ” activities by partners who have the same goal: to protect and preserve the Guadeloupe.

Rochers Caraïbes is a real eco-village!

The village offers for tourism and the island many ecological advantages. It is for the area to its maximum level to promote sustainable development by using natural resources like wood Guadeloupe, sun and rain.

We avoid waste, we make our compost for the garden, and we use organic and natural products for the maintenance of accommodation. We inform our guests of the fragility of our eco system, and we encourage them to respect our environment, local culture and traditions.

The eco-village is built according to ADEME standards, which certify that the houses are built in the aim of sustainable development.


Ecological Assets

Natural ventilation, water arrival and arrival city rainwater in each location, 21 m³ recovery of rainwater, solar water heaters, wood construction…


Rochers Caraïbes  is now part of the AGE (Guadeloupe Ecotourism Association) and has been awarded the Tourism Committee of Guadeloupe “islands of Guadeloupe” for his valuable contribution to the preservation of the environment of Guadeloupe.

On 7 November 2014Rochers Caraïbes got for the second consecutive year the trophy Environmentality on the theme Eco-citizenship as part of the Week of 2014. The ecovillage environment has been awarded in recognition of valuable contributions to the preservation environmental Guadeloupe Islands.


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The extras rentals in Rochers Caraïbes

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