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les nouvelles chaudes

Los Angeles Audubon

We were very fortunate to welcome AUDUBON Los Angeles reporter Lisa Freeman and her husband Randy in December 2019. They stayed in our charming and cozy Ti Kaz bungalow where they were able to observe our multiple little birds of all colors at will. This varied fauna inspired Lisa, she was able to write this very interesting article on the small birds of ROCHERS CARAÏBES and more generally on the birds of Guadeloupe. Visit the Lisa Freeman website

Nice words about Rochers Caraïbes

Rochers Caraibes…It is 2 a.m.  The rain is intense, a downpour without thunder or lightning, doing a wild dance on the rooftop.  It comes without warning and then stops suddenly, as if an enormous water spigot has been turned on and off in the sky.  A cool breeze slips through the open shutters. In the morning I lift a door/wall of the house and enjoy the outside from the kitchen table.  Lizards scamper across the porch and slip into the bougainvilea blossoms — a flick of a green tail and gone.  It’s birdwatching made easy — we fill the hummingbird and the sugar bird (bananaquit) feeders every day and sit with a cup of tea and wait.  There are places to go, things to do and see — but it’s tempting to do nothing. • • • Lire l’article en entier…