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Our locations between sea and earth

The Eco-Village Rochers Caraïbes located in the town of Pointe Noire, 300 meters from the beach Caribbean or Caribbean Cove, a nesting of turtle Caret.

The Eco-Village Rochers Caraïbes located in the town of Pointe Noire, 300 meters from the beach Caribbean or Caribbean Cove, a nesting of turtle Caret. A quiet beach, family, genuine or it is good to relax, swim, sunbathe. This beach is also a place of departure aquatic exciting excursions.

Rochers Caraïbes is against rocks below the volcanic mountains of the leeward coast of the island of Basse-Terre, which earned him a panoramic 180 ° view of the Caribbean Sea (especially the Villa Gran ‘Kaz).

The lush garden with rare species of palms and orchids, attracts many birds like hummingbirds, sugar, thrushes, and grosbeaks. In this green and flowery garden, nestle the Kaz Man Tiren, Ti ‘Kaz, Gran’ Kaz, self-catering accommodation, not overlooked, with private entrance and parking.

We have combined the comfort, luxury with nature and ecology, accommodations are very well equipped and very comfortable.


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Ecovillage and ecotourism

Rochers Caraïbes is an ecolodge. Our holiday in a cottage, bungalow and villa have been designed, built and designed in accordance with principles of environmental and social responsibility.


Our locations 4* and 5*

The tourist customers are becoming more demanding and the stars remain an important and universal benchmark. The eco-village is proud to invite you to its holiday crowned 4 (bungalow) and 5 (cottages and villa) stars.



Pointe-Noire, is a quiet town on the west coast of the island of Guadeloupe: “La côte-sous-le-vent”. Backed by the western slopes of the volcanic massif of Basse-Terre, it is washed by the calm waters of the Caribbean Sea


La Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe, French Antilles archipelago in the Caribbean Sea, will seduce you with its contrasts, its impressive biodiversity, its beautiful landscapes, its climate and the temperature of the Caribbean Sea all year (82.4 ° F).

Nos locations de charme

 Location du bungalow 4*, Ti kaz

Location du gîte 5*, Kaz a Man Tiren

Location de la villa 5*, Gran Kaz

Car rental and transports

Rent a car during your holiday in Guadeloupe is essential, you can enjoy all the activities available to you near the cottages.


Massage in your cottage

Bonus for relaxing vacations (cottage, bungalow and villa). For relaxing and energizing holiday, enjoy a massage service individual or family.

L'éco-village dans la presse

Remises de prix pour son engagement écologique, articles dans les magazines. Voici quelques articles qui parlent de Rochers Caraïbes.

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